All You Need to Know about the Best Typing Lesson

In today’s age, the skill of typing extends far beyond the scope of only professional use. People who belong to a few decades backs into the nineteen hundreds can still remember how typing was specific solely for a select group of people. Beyond the world of journalists, writers, official typists, and receptionists, people seldom typed for themselves. Then, as the world became familiar with mobile phones and computers, typing became something for everyone. The evolution has been quite amazing, so to say! 

Continuity of traditions

Today’s kids are born in a world where they soon become familiar with the sights and sounds of these household gadgets. So, as responsible parents, you should definitely see that they are getting the best introduction to these. As you know, the internet for kids always needs parental advisory. There can be many things that should not be accessible to innocent minds. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that kids, drawn by their natural curiosity, always tend to do what you would tell them against. So, the best way to find the right solution is to take control of your own hands. 

Find a way of safe and colorful introduction of the online world so that the children can make the best of it. Make it farther positive by helping them to learn something very useful such as how to type without seeing at the keyboard. It is really not anything to take granted because even highly accomplished regular computer users may not be able to do it perfectly! The secret is in memorizing the position of the keys with respect to all ten fingertips. As you see, there are two main issues in achieving this perfection. 

Firstly, the keys on the keyboard are not in their regular order as alphabets. You may think that it would probably have been much easier to memorize if the keys were in the regular alphabetical order. However, the QWERTY keyboard is actually a much earlier invention, much ago the age of computers. It was in the 1870s that Christopher Latham Sholes first developed this ‘scientific’ array of alphabets in the typewriter.

You may believe it or not, but the first versions actually had the keys alphabetically, but it resulted in several technical issues. So, the first Sholes and Glidden typewriter (1873) with this new format became successful and later paved the way for Remington Number 2 in 1878. E. Remington and Sons purchased the first model nonetheless. Since then, it has been in widespread use! Such wonderful bits of trivia definitely make the entire experience very interesting. 

Keep practicing

The other problem is that many people accustom with the use of only the forefingers and the thumbs to type. Although this can also result with good typing speed, yet it can be difficult to type and not stare at the keyboard once in a while. Essentially, it is a matter of very basic practice. The module-based best typing practice for kids help with both these issues in a step by step manner. As parents, you ought to see that only when the previous lesson is over, the learner proceeds to the next chapter, and so on. The modules include practicing finger placement for combined keys (such as Alt + Tab, Ctrl + enter, etc), numbers, and signs. 

Each module is accessible by an interesting flash animation design, where the learner goes through the lesson guided by an animated animal character who is the ‘tutor’. Be ready to meet a wide array of characters such as the rooster, the queen ant, the hippo, the snake, octopus, ninja turtle, yak, flamingo, and of course, the cat! (Seriously, how can anyone do without the cat?) Making matters more interesting is the fact that at the completion of each successive lesson, the characters stage a brief ‘musical show’ celebrating the success of the young achiever. 

Now, speaking of young achievers, it is always encouraging to find a fresh outlook on things. Whether it is a cool band that you are in, or you are doing something totally creative, give the best you can. Check out these lads from Bristol making some really neat noise. (Hint: They are not The Beatles.) 

So, after that slight bit of a musical break, here you are again back with the typing lessons overview. All these musical shows tend to make life colorful and meaningful, in totally anything that one does. Proper typing is something that requires very specific practice. It is surprising that so many people do not bother to follow the right format of finger placement. Practical experience shows it to be highly beneficial to improve speed manifold. Whether you realize it or not, every time that you glance on the keyboard, you are actually losing tiny bits of time that adds up eventually. Once the kids get the practice well in the young age, they would never forget it.